PictureTango Milonguero Workshops
Pablo and Eva are true messengers of the classic Milonguero Style, they have studied and assisted several of the most prominent maestros in Buenos Aires. They teach what is useful on the dance floor, thus enhancing student’s social dance skills. The material given in a class is thoughtful and well explained.

They will be teaching at various locations in the Seattle area throughout the week, offering thematic group classes. 
The workshops will be held at Dance Underground Studio on the weekend of Nov. 8th-9th

Workshops Schedule:
Wednesday 7:45 – 9:30pm ~ “Vals: Walking to the Rhythm of Vals (different variations with connection to the rhythm). Giros and Contragiros”
Level: Beg/Int
Location: LaVida Studio 13620 NE 20th St., Bellevue, WA 98005 
Price: $25 pay-at-the-door 

Friday 7:45 – 8:45pm ~ “The 8, different ways (different ways for the 8 according to the Space and Music)”
Level: Int.
Location: Belltown Dance Studio 2217 3rd. Ave suite 102, Seattle (pre-milonga class) 
Price: $25 pay-at-the-door

Saturday and Sunday WORKSHOPS at Dance Underground Studio (Seattle)
1:00pm Tango: Freedom of Movement in the Milonguero Embrace (all levels)
2:30pm Tango: Dancing with Elegance (all levels)

2:00pm Milonga: Lateral Displacement (different choices to keep dancing in the line of dance) (all levels)
3:30pm Milonga: Playing with the Cross (all levels)

Price: $25/class pay-at-the-door 



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