Virginia Pandolfi is a world recognized maestra (teacher) of Argentine Tango.  Her unique pedagogical approach in teaching tango makes students around the world to seek her seminars everywhere. Virginia's signature Tango Technique classes are what she is known and loved for.  In Buenos Aires it's called "La Tecnica del Tango para las Mujeres y los Hombers", here in the US we call it "Intensive Technique Training for Followers and Leaders".

No matter what "tango style" you dance, Virginia's classes are for everybody as what she teaches is universal and true.  She puts it this way: "Ni Tango Nuevo, Ni Tango Viejo. Tango Presente" (There is no New Tango nor old Tango. There is only one present tango). 

Virginia's personal dance is sensual, playful, musical, and authentic.  She has worked with Fabian Peralta, Maximilliano Cristiana, Ney Melo and Javier Rodriguez.  She regularly conducts classes at the Mujersitas festival in BsAs along with Noelia Hurtado, Moira Castellano, Maria Ines Bogado, and Roxana Suarez. 

Workshop Info:
Location: eXit Space 414 NE 72nd St., Seattle WA 
Dates: October 18th and 19th
Pre-Registration is Closed

2pm Followers: Technique Intro (walking, posture, dissociation)
3:10pm Followers: Engine of Movement & Circular Movements. Embellishments
4:30pm Followers: Structure of the Step in Walking and Proper Use of the Hips

2pm Lead&Follow: Giro Technique
3:10pm Lead&Follow: Dissociation of Motion and Energy. Spiral Movements
4:30pm Lead&Follow: Combination of all elements worked during the workshop



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